- WHO AM I ? -


Hi, my name is Sir Folk.

I am a singer songwriter from Ivory Coast and I currently live in Switzerland.
I compose, I write songs and stories about this confusing world I live in and that I don't understand.

My world is organic, acoustic, intimate, intricate, introverted and messy. Sometimes quietly celebrating, sometimes loudly grieving. Some paradoxes in it, and everywhere a bit of philosophy because why not.

I used to write and compose under my real name, that was one or two lifetimes ago. I chose a pseudonym to explore a deeper part of myself. My music is peacefully gravitating toward Ben Harper, Tracy Chapman, Jack Johnson, Francis Cabrel, Passenger, Paul Simon, Xavier Rudd, Sting, Walk Off The Earth, Jean-Jacques Goldman. I pick up my influences anywhere I can as long as it has both groove and meaning. My inside world is louder than the outside. You think utterly chaotic, I think infinite rainbow.

My songs tell who I am. Those who shut up will listen. Those who listen will know. And those who don't know probably didn't shut up.

Welcome to those who listen.





Rue Prébarreau 17
2000 Neuchâtel